What do you need from me to do the report?

I will need floor plans and elevation drawings showing all exterior wall, window and door dimensions. I will need to know the ceiling heights. Windows schedules are very helpful.
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If it is an existing building I will need.
Size and type of all existing exterior window and doors including those being removed.
Size and type of existing HVAC
Type of Water Heater.
Age of existing building.

What information  should be included on plans

Project address
Project orientation (North arrow)
Scaled floor plan
Ceiling heights (or call out sizes on floor plan/elevations/sections)
Window schedule (or call out sizes on floor plan/elevations)
Door schedule (or call out sizes on floor plan/elevations)
Wall construction (type and R-value; i.e. wood framed, R-13walls)
Roof construction (type and R-value; i.e. wood framed, R-30 roof)
Floor constuction (type and/or R-value; i.e. wood framed, R-19 raised floor OR slab on grade)
Lighting fixture schedule (commercial projects)
Information on existing/new hot water heater(s)
Information on existing/new HVAC system(s)

What if I do not have all that information.
No worries just include as much information and I may be able to make assumptions about the rest or will contact you for more information.

What if my drawings are hand drawn?

If you are local and would like to drop off the plans please call

Why do I need a Title 24?
The California Energy Commission requires the County or City Building Departments review a Title-24energy calculation on your home to ensure the new construction/addition/remodels comply with California Code Efficiency Standards.

When do I need a Title 24?
Generally, Title 24 compliance documentation must be shown before building departments will issue building permits.if you are making any changes to conditioned (heated or cooled) space.